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Wednesday 16, Parque de la Revolución, 19:00 h, Admission free.
Wednesday 16, Exconvento del Carmen , 20:30 h, Admission free.
Thursday 17, Sala de los magos, 19:00 h, Admission free.
Thursday 17, Plaza fundadores, 20:30 h, Admission free.
Friday 18, Plaza Universidad (centro), 19:00 h, Admission free.
Friday 18, Jardín del Carmen, 20:30 h, Admission free.
Saturday 19, Estación Universidad / Tren Ligero, 11:00 h, Admission free.
Saturday 19, Tianguis Cultural / Plaza Benito Juárez, 13:00 h, Admission free.
Sunday 20, Vía recreactiva - Chapultepec y Libertad, 12:00 h, Admission free.
Sunday 20, Plaza liberación, 19:00 h, Admission free.

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Circus, street theater

LOL Brothers

Company founded in 2011 by the circus artists Andy Giroux and Locoma.

After having participated in various productions (Cirque du Soleil, closing ceremonies of Olympic games 2006, Circus Cirkor, Cirque Eloize, Les Parfaits Inconnus, etc.), these two artists wanted to return to a more accessible circus. For them, street performance allows a more direct and spontaneous contact with the public.

In founding The LOL Brothers, they wanted to transmit and share their enthusiasm with humour and simplicity.
In a crazy, yet graceful, ambiance, the LOL Brothers will take you on a tour of the history of rock 'n roll music.

With strength equal to that of the audience, brothers Acee and DeeCee, a bold duo, create a universe where risk and humour give life to electrifying circus numbers, certain to cause some form of hysteria...LOL...

Since May, 2011, The LOL Brothers performed in various festivals in countries including Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain, Germany, and Canada.

“You need a striking charm and superb convincing skills to get single spectators from the audience to sing "I want to rock and roll all night" with a heavy metal wig on their head moving like somebody from "High School Musical". The LOL Brothers have an almost inexhaustible supply of those kinds of characteristics.”

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