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Thursday 24


Place: LARVA -Laboratorio de Arte Variedades
Time: 20:30 h
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In Spanish


I go a lot for playing ‘as if traveling’. Or I’d rather say I generally invent trips inside my head. Sometimes they are geographical, but many other times, they are rather inside me, through my memory.

Making a song record, creating the songs for that record is quite similar, since I am really making an effort for endowing that invented trip with volume, sound and a tangible and compatible form, shaping it from the memories of the images – or perhaps from the images I would like to be part of my souvenirs, images of lived and not lived stories, picked up or even stolen. And everything goes. Plenty of water; water and dreams. Night dreams and daydreams and tablecloths and ostriches and fingerprints in water glasses and winged sirens, all moving among images created close to childhood stories and the bitter mermaid singing.

“I take a paper and draw the soaked night to dress my damp body with it.”

“Will you return from where your shadow went? Will you bring grown lilies on your skin? And I say sea meaning dream.”

“We had a butterfly hill; we filled the rooms with sea stars. You lifted my skirt, touched mi thighs; put salt apples on my mouth.”

“PRIVATE PARTIES” tells us about a new period in which Jaramar is both interpreter and author, in which she sings from the heart communicating her dreams, desires and fears, painting stories with words and music. Jaramar’s new music is full of intense lyrics and surprising sounds pouring out of this always characteristically sensitive and daring artist when mixing genres, instruments and poetry. “PRIVATE PARTIES”, the disc, is undoubtedly the most exciting, personal and deeply contemporary of Jaramar’s work undoubtedly reflecting on stage.

“Private Parties”, her eleventh soloist recoding and also the first entirely hers, from beginning to end, tells us that on starting her second cycle of ten with number 11, Jaramar fully assumes the author’s facet she had started to taste in her two previous productions.

It is a deeply personal 15 songs collection which are close, familiar, sour and deeply personal and that, by themselves, demanded from Jaramar to transform her sound. In “Private Parties”, with musical producer Gerry Rosado’s complicity, as well as with her team of musicians, Jaramar dives fully in the search of a sound that breaks the genres frontiers even more than in her previous productions. With this work, Jaramar proves that the world to which she carries us with her music is, above all, and before any possible genre classification, the “Jaramar space”, that special niche in our national music which she created for herself almost 20 years ago with her first soloist record.

PRIVATE PARTIES is a Project made possible by the support of the Fondo Nacional Para la Cultura y las Artes through the 2010-2011 Programa de Fomento a Proyectos y Coinversiones Culturales.

Stage participants

JARAMAR: voice, composer and general artistic production
RODRIGO CASTRO: trumpet, banjo and guitar
HELENA SAN: choirs


Disc cover: Jaramar Soto. Photography: Michel Amado


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