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Friday 11, Plaza del Bicentenario - Centro Cultural Universitario, 20:30 h, Entrada libre
Saturday 12, Instituto Cultural Cabañas, 20:30 h, Admission free
Sunday 13, Plaza Liberación, 20:00 h, Admission free



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Fanfare Pourpour

Nine of its members belong to L’Enfant Fort (1974), a group that assembled freely when parading one Saturday afternoon on Montréal streets with cymbals and drums; they were part of the Pouet Pouet Band (1978), group that included original theatre music and the song: “… from which a black coffee taste oozes whipping our central nervous system.”

Jean-Robert Sansfaçons, Le Temps Fou, from Montréal Transport Limité (1981), was an underground cabaret company. Then, as the song goes, everybody entered again into the vortex of life, and so, the Pourpour band was born in the 1995 Summer, just for the pleasure of playing together again.

Nowadays there are about twenty musicians in Montréal’s music scene to play a music both intelligent and entertaining, music of the world – ours – audacious and creative.

On April 26, 1999, both for pleasure and for posterity, Pourpour launches its first album, Tout le Monde, as a band. Musical direction and arrangements are by Bernard Poirier. Most of the compositions are signed by Luc Proulx and Bernard Poirier.

On March 22, 2004, Le Bal, their second album appears, cut in November 2003. Musical Direction by Jen Derome, arrangements and compositions by the musicians of the Pourpour toccata.

Both this discs offer lyrical and for the cinema.

On the 20th March 2007, Toccata Pourpour presents music its third album Karusell Musik. It has 17 pieces by the Swedish accordion player Lars Hollmer, who interprets his own compositions and arrangements; musical direction and orchestration by Jean Derome.

Produced under seal monsieur fauteux, m’entendez-vous? and distributed by DAME.


Richard Lavoie’s Fanfarre Confessions. Video, 53 minutes, 2000, Québec.

Official Selection of the International Festival of Namur Francophone Films (Belgium, 2000.)

7e Art / Distribution Inc., Daniel Bouchard (514) 523 3094.
This documentary traces a portrait of the band.

“Confessions of a Band (Fanfarre) is a strange picture. It captures the expressiveness and moments of freedom artists feel, just for the pleasure of music and complicity. For once, the creators confide to others, not on their manager!”

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