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Friday 18, Estación San Juan de Dios/Tren Ligero, 18:30 h, Admission free.
Friday 18, Estación Universidad/Tren Ligero, 20:00 h, Admission free.
Saturday 19, Teatro Rosas Moreno - Lagos de Moreno,19:00 h, Admission free.
Sunday 20, Vía Recreactiva - Parque de la revolución, 11:30 h, Admission free.
Sunday 20, Plaza Liberación, 20:30 h, Admission free.

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Duo Hoops

One enormous hula hoop, two eccentric characters… loads of fun. David and Becky are a lovable, dynamic duo, despite their flaring personality differences. Duo Hoops will dazzle you as much with their tricks as their bizarre wit and absurd humor. They come together to hula hoop (with hoops of all sizes), juggle and toss each other around. They can vary their spectacle to suit almost any venue and can have show options between 5 and 45 minutes indoors and outdoors. Duo Hoops plays in festivals, schools and on the street.





Becky Hoops

As a child she was often told to use her “inside voice” and to stop goofing around. Despite her desperate desire to be a hairdresser, her family persuaded her that a bright young lady who had won the mathematics award in High School should go to University. So off she went; following her interest for other cultures, she finished a degree in International Development Studies at Trent University. Throughout her studies she felt an intense need to be active, creative and ridiculous but didn’t quite know where to funnel this energy.

After university something pulled her to Trois-Rivières to learn French. This is where she was blown away by the first contemporary circus show she had ever seen. Hooked. She immediately moved to Montréal where she began training. Eventually, after some exploration she discovered her love for hula hoops and naturally fell into clowning. Now although she is primary focused on performing, she participates in social circus projects that have brought her as far as China, the Northwest Territories, Cameroon and Haiti. From training, to traveling, to spotlights, to teaching, to taking advantage of her “outside voice” at festivals; Becky loves every aspect of this life she has chosen.




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