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Friday18, Sala de los Magos, 19:00 h, Admission free.
Saturday 19, Foro Andares - Zapopan 18:30 h, Admission free.
Sunday 20, Via Recreactiva - Parque de San Jacinto, 10:00 h, Admission free.
Sunday 20, Plaza Liberación, 19:00 h, Admission free.
Monday 21, Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet, 10:30 h, Admission free. - space limited.
Monday 21, Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet, 12:30 h, Admission free. - space limited.

In Spanish

Le Rire Muet, street theatre

Théâtre Biscornu

Québec, 2006: two underground stage and comic artists set up a street performance company whose aim was to use movement and sound to tell stories about strange and grotesque universes.

Gathering their individual street performance experiences, improvisation, comedy and mime, François-Guillaume Leblanc and Karine P. Bouliane associated to create Biscornu Theatre.

This company explores what they find through the streets, that strange world where body and sound take a primordial place. Inspired by the aesthetics of the grotesque and the world of German expressionism films, where stuntmen and opposition have their realm, their theatre attempts to introduce comic and grandiloquent characters.

A wordless universe and the impersonation of several characters mark, at every show, the singularity of this young company.

Its lodge is Québec, in Canada. The Biscornu Theater is tinted with youth, openness to the world and that specific curiosity so peculiar to Québec.

Our mission: to create a body and sound theatre, where the actor-audience communication breaks the language barrier.

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