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Alberto Stanley, mimo

Friday 18, Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet, 10:30 h - Admission free
Friday 18, Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet, 12:00 h - Admission free
Saturday 19, Plaza principal - Tapalpa, 19:00 h - Admission free
Sunday 20, Vía recreactiva - Parque de San Jacinto, 10:30 h - Admission free
Sunday 20, Plaza de la liberación, 19:00 h - Admission free
Monday 21, Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet, 10:30 h - Admission free
Monday 21, Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet, 12:00 h - Admission free
Saturday 26, Por definir - Zapotlán el Grande, 20:30 h - Admission free
Sunday 27, Foro Andares - Zapopan, 18:30 h - Admission free

In Spanish


SILENT DREAMS , mimo + acrobat dancer

Orchestra director
The suitcase
The wait
Strong Man
Playing with pantomime (interact with children from the public)
The cook
The Wizard
The painter
Walk the Line
The sculptor
The machine
The dummy
The farewell

Alberto Stanley , Mimo

Considered one of the best examples in Mexico, has developed a personal style in interpreting and shaping their characters at body theater, pantomime and mime comedy relying on ideas and original texts as well as free versions and adaptations of texts by Italo Calvin, Allan Poe, Conan Doyle and Joseph Conrad.

As for the important adaptation work with texts, to understand it and interpret them before making a transformation from what is read, what is said and what is presented finally on stage, the process of work reflects his thinking, based on research but always corrected by the excitement and sense of humor, which he called unstable equilibrium.

He has taken his show "Silent Dreams" by different countries in festivals like the Festival Theatre Without Borders in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), in the 20th Festival of the Arts in Oklahoma, United States, In Milwaukee, United States, at the Mexican Fiesta. In Dresden, Germany in the International Festival of Pantomime in 2010. In 2009 he participated in an audition for the Cirque du Soleil and is part of Stock.
“The scene of mime is proposed as an area of latent inconclusive responses, with the constant generation of new questions. The purpose is to achieve, perhaps, something close to perfection, the poetic sense, the desired inescapable beauty in all artistic production that is sleep. Closer to the dream”.

One way to look at what you do not see...
"Silent Dreams"

Silent Dreams is a show that consists of pantomime routines from different eras with the aesthetics of silent film with original creations and structures as well as adaptations of old routines developed by way of repertoire that has created a personal style, inspired by the vulnerability and melancholy of the clown, the pace of vaudeville comedian and the old variety shows and aesthetics evocative of classical mime.

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