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Monday 14


Place: Plaza Liberación
time: 22:30 h
Admission: Free

In Spanish


Marc Leclair, aka Akufen, began his musical career at the age of 4, playing the organ in a shopping center that bore his mother, actually grew it into his head the idea that music would become a rich and famous man.

Among his early influences are recognized Philip Glass and Steve Reich, which combined with his passion for electro, minimal techno and industrial music has become relevant when creating their own musical personality, playing with the experimentation with sound like pop melodies.

His first publication was in 1995 under the alias of Noiz Slack-r at the label Hybrid Structure and consisted of a masterful exercise of hard techno paired with soft melodies and full of humor that received wide publicity due to poor distribution, but that still remains relevant.

After that he started producing deep funky house (for Haute Couture Records) under the alias of Juicebox, Reno Disco and David Scott. However, it has been through his personality as Akufen with the greatest care has awakened.

In the past two years has been recorded, as Akufen, for some of the major German stamps as Perlon, Trapez, Background, Traum and of course Until Force Inc. has finally made the jump to CD with his debut album My Way.

He has also published a collection of unreleased material recorded in January 2002 that removed the house and techno to translate the language Funky, inspired by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Steve Reich, french house and techno from Cologne.

Also soon to be released single “Deck the House” with remixes of Herbert and Crackhaus.

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