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Tuesday 18
Exhibition Opening

Sebastián Picker (Chile)

from May 18 to June 30

Venue: Galería Juan Soriano (Casa de la Cultura Jalisciense)
Time: 20:30 hrs.

Sebastián Picker


One constant throughout Sebastian Picker´s career has been to express personal and collective feelings about the socio political corruption marked by misery, despotism, and desolation present in modern society. With a sensibility of satiric overtone, Sebastian introduces the “man” as victim and/or perpetrator of his immediate reality, intending to bring about awareness of existing social problems on a global level.

Sebastian Picker was born in Santiago de Chile. Two important events set the course of his life and of his studies of animation (as cartoonist) in Rome under the tutelage of Paulo DiGirolamo, and the events of 1973 in Chile –Picker was 17 years old when the current president Salvador Allende was deposed under a violent coupe by Augusto Pinochet.

His experience living under the dictatorship, and, once in exile, of being a witness to corruption rampant in other Latin American governments, have informed Picker´s work. His canvases reflect the results of those experience. Witnessing at first hand the vast differences between the “haves” and the “have-nots” Picker addresses his pieces with the humor and sarcasm typical of a cartoonist, concentrating on the essence of the object and the subject to communicate human feelings.

His palette for many years has been monochromatic, in tone with his subject has been introduced: technology and the corporate world. In his recent works Picker represents mankind – on both an individual and collective level –as a small, bald personage who resembles a child. The man with his suit and tie unites with “the system” and loses his individuality. The stature of this character represents the smallness of people before the forces of religion politics and corporate business, and at the same time represents those who govern the world.

Another characteristic present in his recent works is the intervention of the massive communication media such as television and newspapers. While we are informed, as are the newspaper headed couple in “Retrato de una pareja informada (portrait of a informed couple)” the artist point out with his subtle ironic bite that sometimes it is his very information that keeps us blind. The protagonists of the story literally embody the newspaper. Thus, the antagonist becomes the protagonist.

Many of Sebastian Picker´s figures are placed in ephemeral scenarios, as in the oil “Torre de palabras, (Tower of Words) “in which the central character –sitting on a top off newspaper tower constructer with cards – give us de sensation that will be collapse at any time, or as in the painting “Omnipotencia (Omnipotence)” where the main character is sitting on top of a bomb , a la Dr. Strangelove, on its way to destroy a city below. In both scenarios a great sense of humor pervades. The pieces and the main characters look innocent, unconscious and – to a certain extent- blind to reality, creating simultaneously a sense of anxiety, restlessness, preoccupation, and, above everything, isolation.

From a distance, the artwork of Sebastián Picker seems simple and full of humor. It is not until we personally confront them that the real sentiment appears. As with all artwork, the message is compressed into the action of the one who observes it. Sebastián Picker is the guide in this experience. He takes the position of a person forced to live at the mercy of a corrupt system, full of injustice, social inequality, unbalance, materialism, and loss of essence. However, in his artwork we perceive the struggle to achieve equality. Fortunately, by representing dystopia, Picker afford us glimpse of utopia.

Eliud Alvarado
October 2005- Los Angeles, CA


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