Festival Cultural de Mayo Jalisco 2009
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Sunday 24 
Diego Piñon and Irene Akiko Iida, dance


IN –YO (ella-ella-el-ella-el-el-ello)

This duo is the outcome from the fusion of forms coming from Japan and Mexico, mixing the traditional and ritual
in the present time.

Venue: Teatro Degollado
Time: 18:00 Hrs.

Irene Akiko
Actress, Benshi interpreter, singer, dancer, choreographer, producer and theatre director.

This many-faceted artist is the first Latin American woman who enters the Tarakazuka Art School, institution with more than 90 years of tradition in Osaka, Japan. On graduating in 1981, she adopts the artistic name of Irene Sachikaze, and has taken part in more than 60 plays as member of the Takarazuka Kagueki theatre company for thirteen years.

She later specializes in Kabuki dance in the prestigious traditional Hanayagui Japanese dance Academy, where she gets her Bachelors and a Shihan Master, being honored with the name of Irene Hanayagui.

Under the FONCA sponsorship, Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, (National Trust for Culture and Arts), Irene Akiko Iida makes her debut in Mexico as a co-author and director, choreographer and producer of the musical “Juan el Momotaro” (Momotaro John) (1997), recognized by critics as the best play for children of the year. From that date on, she has been conducting and taking part in several plays, such as Kai-On, Sonidos del Mar (Kai-On, Sounds of the Sea”, “El Crepúsculo de la Cigüeña” (Sunset of the Stork); “In-Yo” and “Yo-Ga-Moi” in Paris, France. Presently she is the main character in “El Automóvil Gris”, (The Grey Automobile), internationally acclaimed play with which she tours all over the world as a member of the Compañía de Ciertos Habitantes, (Some Inhabitants Company). She also makes presentations, gives courses, organizes workshops and is a speaker on traditional Nichibu Japanese Dance.

Diego Piñón

tantongari 1997 PETER GIORDANO

He was born in Mexico City in March 26, 1957.

He is a Social Science Bachelor (IPN 1974-79.)

Mr. Piñón took courses in Body Therapy, Dance and Theater (1976-1987), Butoh Research and Training (1987-1996.)

He also studied under Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno, Natsu Nakajima, Min Takanaka, Mitsuyo Uesugui and Hisako Horikawa.

He has worked professionally in the International Butoh Field from the perspective of Mexican Ritual Butoh, C. A., 1996-2008.

His activities include courses, Master classes and presentations in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe.

He is a frequent guest to different USA universities, among which there are UCLA Riverside, UCSD San Diego, Pescott College, Warren Wilson College, Brooklyn College, and many others.

Between 1994 and 2000, under the sponsorship of the Japan Foundation, he worked intensely with Masters Ohno and Min Tanaka.

FONCA sponsored him for a joint Project in 2000, the Mc Kaleb Dancers USA, in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as for the artistic formation of a Mexican Butoh Ritual, Spirits in Transit (2002-2003). In 2006 he was granted the Interpreters Scholarship.

He created the Mexican Butoh Ritual Training Center in Michoacán in 2001 and he conducts workshops and regular classes there with national and international students.

He has directed different group-dance works in Mexico, as well as in the United States and Germany.

His proposal integrates the traditional Japanese Butoh influence tightly connected with the Masters’ legacy. The body therapy work is oriented to scenic consciousness, the ritual sense of traditional dance and theatre in Mexico, as well as his training which is the result of different traditional and contemporary practices from all over the world.

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