Festival Cultural de Mayo Jalisco 2009
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Jalisco, Anfitrión
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Wednesday  May 27
Venue: Museo de Arte de Zapopan
Time: 20:30 hrs.
  Thursday May 28
Venue: Teatro Rosas Moreno - Lagos de Moreno
Time: 20:30 hrs.

Juan Hermida, cello
Misa Ito,


Canti popolari giapponesi (1958) + Enrico Mainardi

Molto moderato
Andante sostenuto
Andante molto sostenuto

Four Finnish Folk Songs (1977) + Michio Mamiya

A horse with white mane
Mikin’s horse named Pekko
Houseless beggar

Bunraku (1964) Toshiro Mayuzumi


Tadao (1997) ° Mario Stern
A Bonsai Garden (2009)* (Dedicado Hermida-Ito) Brian Banks
Six Japanese Folk Songs (1960, 1972) + Michio

Rice-planting Song
Song from Chiran
Silver Crane Song
Grass-taking Song
Chinese mill pounding Song
Rice padding Song

° Comisión Hermida-Ito
* Dedicado a Hermida-Ito Estreno Mundial
+ Estreno en México


The Hermida-Ito Duo has been heard in the United States, Canada, Colombia, Japan, Italy and Mexico.

Misa Ito has been a soloist with orchestras like the Nagoya Symphony, the New Japan Symphony, and the Texas Christian University Orchestra. She has toured Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and her native Japan. She graduated with honors from Tennessee University, obtaining a Master and PhD in piano from Cincinnati University.   

Juan Hermida, soloist with the most important Mexican orchestras, the TCU Orchestra and the Cincinnati Philarmonia, got the Mozart Medal in 1999, First Prize of the 1998 Carlos Prieto First Violoncello Competition, UNAM 1988. He got his Master and Violoncello Artist Diploma from the Cincinnati University.

The Duo launches its CD “Candelabra: Latin-American Music for Cello and Piano” in 2004, cut with CONACULTA-FONCA support. Since 1995 they have been very active in Pedagogy at the Universidad de las Américas in Puebla. Concert performers, teachers and parents of Tadao and Tadashi, the Duo will commemorate its 20 years of musical activity in 2009.

JUAN HERMIDA, Violoncellist                                    

Soloist with orchestras as important as the Cincinnati Philharmonic, the OFUNAM, both Mexico City and Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestras, State of Mexico Symphony, and he has also played, among others, with the Symphonic Orchestras of Guanajuato, Queretaro, Aguascalientes, San Luis, Carlos Chavez, Texas Christian University, Haydn-Mozart, being conducted by Gerhard Samuel, Jorge Mester, Jesús Medina, José Miramontes, Carlos Miguel Prieto, José Luis Castillo, Manuel de Elías, Marc Andrae, Paul Gambil, and Héctor Guzmán.

The United States, Italy, Japan, Canada, Colombia and Mexico have heard him, together with pianist Misa Ito. He appears at the most important forums and festivals in Mexico and, as interpreter of chamber music, he has been invited as a violoncellist by groups like the Latin American Quartet, Mexico Soloists and La Camerata, playing duets with important cello players of Carlos Prieto and Yehuda Hanani caliber. Juan Hermida has been the main cello for many national and foreign groups, such as the Cincinnati Camera Orchestra and the Cincinnati Philarmonia, playing in England, France and different places in the United States with them, and he has also been soloist for the Camerata de las Americas and the Sinfonieta de Puebla. He set up the Trio de las Américas and they frequently perform in Mexico and the United States.

Recognized both in Mexico and abroad, he received the Mozart Medal in 1999, first place in the UNAM (1988) and Carlos Prieto violoncello competitions (1998); semi-finalist in the cello competition of the Chicago Cello Society (1992); he obtained a FONCA grant for young performers both in 1995 and 1999. In 2001, a binational jury granted him an Artistic Residence for 2002 at the Banff Arts Center in Alberta, Canada.

His music studies were carried out in Puebla, Mexico and the United States and he got his Master in 1990 and an Artist Diploma as violoncellist in 1992. Juan Hermida has been a cello and chamber music professor at the Preparation Department, Cincinnati University, the Escuela Superior of the INBA (National Beaux Arts Institute), and the Art School of Puebla Autonomous University. He has also given courses and Master classes at the UNAM National Music School, the National Arts Center in Mexico. He was Musical Activities Director for the State of Puebla Culture Department. In January 2002, he is named full-time Professor for the Universidad de las Américas in Puebla.

MISA ITO, Pianist  

Born in Japan, she has given concerts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and her own country in Asia, where she has received innumerable prizes and made many recordings as a soloist with well reputed orchestras as the Nagoya Symphony, the New Japan Symphony. Her career as interpreter has taken her to several cities in the United States, Japan, Canada and Mexico, and she has also collaborated with singers and different musicians.

She is a piano teacher at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla in addition to her presentations with the cellist Juan Hermida and the Trio de las Americas in the most important Mexican festivals and forums, like the Alfonso Michel Festival (Colima), Festival Palafoxiano (Puebla), Cultural Season at UDLA, Puebla; Chamber Music for the UNAM, International New Music Forum, Zacatecas International Music Festival, Mazatlán Festival, Cancún Festival, International Festival “Callejón del Ruido” (Guanajuato) , Puebla International Festival, International New Music XXI  Century Festival in Xalapa, Guest Artist’s Series y Latin American Music Festival at the Texas Christian University, Fort Worth. She received an Artistic Residence at the Banff Arts Center in Canada in 2002. She is Resident Pianist for Summer Instrumenta Puebla 2004 and for Summer Instrumenta Oaxaca for 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Besides her career as a pianist, Misa Ito displays intense pedagogical activities and has been honored by receiving the 2000 and 2002 Teaching Award by the UDLA.

She got her Summa cum laude Diploma in piano and music from Tennessee University, her Master in Piano and PhD in Music Arts from the College Conservatory of Music of Cincinnati University. Some of her teachers have been Allison Nelson, Eugene Pridonoff, Elizabeth Pridonoff (piano), and David Mulburry (organ). She studied Chamber Music, among others, with the Tokyo Quartet, the LaSalle Quartet, Sandra Rivers y James Tocco.

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