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Tuesday 26

Exhibition Opening
The Four Seasons of Japan by Taiji Harada
Piezo Graph

Kioto en fotografías de Katsuji Takasaki

Venue: Fundación J. Alvarez del Castillo

THE FOUR SEASONS IN JAPAN                            

Master Taiji Harada, born in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture in Japan, grew up in Igara. Supported by his parents he overcame poliomyelitis in a most remarkable manner and from an early age his gift for painting was evident; he started by taking part in posters competitions, later studying Graphic Design at the Beaux Arts University in Musashino. In 1964 he opened his own studio, Hakodo, in his birth city.

Harada has been awarded different honors in his career: in 1973 he received the Special Prize in the Design contest called on by the Complex Cross Association. In 1980 he received the painting prize Shougakkan for his work “Poetry of the Grass-made Flute – Fairy Tale from the Heart.”

Between 1982 and 1984, ‘The World of Taiji Harada” was published in the Sunday section of the Ashai Newspaper. The complete work travelled and was shown in 1984 in all the exhibition sites in Japan. Two years later he became an honorary member of the Art Naïve Association of the Republic, in an exhibition shared with art naïve artists from the former Yugoslavia. From that year on he has shown his work in 150 halls in Japan and five in the United States. He is a member of the Jishan Farmers Painting Association in Shanghai. His work has traveled through China and he received the Konjouhousyou Medal, one of the highest awards granted by the Government of Japan. In Latin America, his work has been seen in Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The characteristic sensitivity of Master Harada is always present not only in his paintings, but also in the narrative he creates from them. The work quality of this marvelous artist is shown in the path his career has followed, as well as in the all the recognition he has received.

KIOTO IN PHOTOGRAPHS                                    

Katsuji Takasaki, born in Tokyo on the 8th July, 1976, is greatly in demand for commercial photography in Japan because of his great ability to see beauty and capture it in an impressive manner. He established his own company very young. The quality of his work has taken him to the United States, where he has worked several times with international Hollywood artists.  Master Takasaki has specialized for seven years in photographing the Japanese cities of Kyoto and Nara, capturing the most popular sites in their best possible moment.

Kyoto is a City that has always been attractive to the world because of its cultural tradition, its refinement and gardens; it is a City of temples, museums, universities, cultural studies and research. It lodges two wonderful imperial residences and more than 400 Shinto sanctuaries and 1,650 Buddhist temples.

Kyoto was designed in the VII Century in a similar manner to China’s capital, Chang’an and in spite of the passage of time, it still keeps its narrow streets and one can find in all neighborhoods small tofu establishments, sake stores and public baths proliferate, in addition to lacquer workshops, candle-makers and fan-painters, thus converting it into one of the most beautiful and representative cities in Japan and a very important cultural and economic center of the nation.

Even if this collection is seen by people who have previously visited Kyoto, Takasaki’s work always offers something new and attractive to be explored. It is expected that with this exhibition the public will become aware of the importance culture and beauty have in Japan’s nature.


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