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Saturday May 30
Anime Encounter

Free entrance

Mayo Joven

Concert: Yumi Matsuzawa
and Kita Shuhei (Singer of Persona and Natsume no Jyujinchou)

Collaborators: Hideo Hayase, Miyuky Murakami, Yoshie Kiyota y Emilio Rueda.

Time: 20:30 Hrs.

Venue: Auditorio Telmex


Yumi Matsuzawa was born in the Saitama Prefecture in Japan on March 29, 1974.

Her first work in the musical environment was as supporting vocalist for the Japanese group BLUE BEAT PLAYERS. On October 1996 she made her debut as a singer for the “ASAYAN” program with the opening theme “You Get to Burning” from the animated Japanese series “NADESICO Kidou Senkan” (Nadesico Special Space Battleship.) Her debut was impressive and she was immediately offered a steady job.

On 2000 she interpreted “Asu no egao no tame ni” (For Tomorrow’s Smiles), and “Kyou Kara Ashita e” (Starting Today Towards Tomorrow), the opening and closing themes for the anime series “Gatekeepers.”

On 2003 she sang one of the Japanese anime fans favorite melodies, “Chikyugi” (Terrestrial Globe), entrance theme for “Knights of the Zodiac: Hades -The Sanctuary Saga”. She also interprets the exit theme “Kimi to onaji Aozora” (The Same Blue Sky Than You.) After presenting that theme, her popularity outside Japan increased since the Knights of the Zodiac impact is much stronger in the international market than in Japan itself.

“Nadesico,” “Gatekeepers” and “Knights of the Zodiac, Hades” are not the only series in which Yumi Matsuzawa has taken part; she also interpreted “Dearest” - theme song of the film “Nadesico -The Prince of Darkness-”,“Daremo Shiranai Chizu de”(With a Map That Nobody Knows), first song heard in the series “Jiba kun”; she also sings “ Takasu Mono he –My dear-‘’ (To the Knight Commander – My Dear One,) last song for “Knights of the Zodiac, Hades – Hell Saga.” Among many other series, she also interprets “Toki no Sora” in “Salaryman Kintarou.”

Yumi Matsuzawa has not only been a successful soloist, but also set up the PPP (Pretty Purity Panix) trio with Mayuko Omimura and Houko Kuwashima.

Yumi Matsuzawa also sings for European audiences, has been acclaimed in Brazil, where she is known thanks to her interpretation of “Chikyugi.”

Among her other activities, Yumi has worked as dubbing actress in “Nadesico” and “Gatekeepers.” She has her own radio program “Yumimania” and takes part in other radio programming based on music for Japanese anime.

Her unique beautiful voice and expressiveness are easily recognizable, and for that reason audiences rapidly identify with her.

Her themes may fluctuate from motivating stories to highly romantic ones, thus balancing her repertoire in a way that very few Japanese artists can sustain in the highly personal manner she accomplishes it.

Kita Shuhei

Dragon Ball Z Movie Show
Time: 16:00 Hrs.

El poder invencible
(La galaxia corre peligro)
El regreso del
Guerrero Invencible


Rodrigo Cortés Lozano,
Tema: The impact of Anime in México

Carlos Francisco Jiménez Espinoza, speaker
Tema: Background and importance of Manga in México

Octavio Carranza Sotelo,
Tema: Development of Otaku culture in México

Time: 19:00 Hrs.


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