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Friday 18
Le Pont Bridge presents:

LE MOBILE, bodies, space, voice and image
Created by Carole Nadeau

The body of a woman is floating in the void, alone. Her weightlessness seems to liberate her of restrictions imposed by gravity, suspended in a place between life and death. Behind this human mobile there is an immense angular screen that limits space. The oscillating body is superimposed to the images projected and created in real time.

Place: Teatro Degollado
Time: 20:00 and 22:30 hr
Admission: Free - Space is limited

Mechanics: You can collect your tickets with a copy of the IFE
in the Teatro Degollado.
Access by Hidalgo Street hours: Monday to Friday from 10 to 14 and 15 to 18 h.

(Up to two tickets per person for different events)


Due to the high demand for tickets, we will open 100 additional tickets whose will be given 45 minutes before the show the LARVA gate.
(one per person)
We hope to see you there!


In Spanish

Co-production by Le Pont Bridge and Recto-Verso Productions

Text, direction and performance: Carole Nadeau
Assistant director: Steeve Dumais
Production coordinator, Bernhard Rehn
Staging: Luis Hudon, Émile Morin, Carole Nadeau and Mathieu Thébaudeau
Videography: live: Lucas Jolly pre-recorded: Carole Nadeau
Sound ambiance: Martine H Crispo
Operators: Steeve Dumais and Martine H Crispo
Assistants to creation: Martine H Crispo, Steeve Dumais and Louis Hudon
Scenography device design: Mathieu Thébaudeau
Scenography device made by: Mathieu Thébaudeau
Design and handling of the video control software: Émile Morin et Pierre-0livier Fréchet-Martin
Lignting consultant: Mathieu Thébaudeau
Harness design and workmanship: Créations Fil León
Moderator: Dominique Leduc and Alain Francoeur
Photo credits: Jean-Francois Gravel
Dissemination: Eve Montpetit

Le Pont Bridge

Created in September 1993, Le Pont Bridge is a multidisciplinary creative artistic cell devoted to creative achievements. Resourceful, crafty and playful, Le Pont Bridge creates urban fables that act upon the spectator senses and perception. It is a conjunction of theater, installation and video that explores the interacting of word, body, space and image.

Carole Nadeau, Artistic Director

At the helm of Le Pont Bridge for fifteen years now, Carole Nadeau has conceived, written and directed thirteen creations for this company. In April 2000, she won the John-Hirsch Prize of the Canada Council for the Arts awarded biannually to a promising stage director whose artistic vision has shown itself to be original. In 2007, Frank Ketchup was presented at theFestival TransAmériques in Montréal. In 2005, Provincetown Playhouse was presented at the Festival International d’El Galpon in Uruguay and was nominated in the category "best foreign show ". In 2004, she presented the solo MeMyLeeMiller at the Festival AM/PM of the CICV in France. In 2003, she directed four Czech actors in a scenographic installation of Recto-Verso, as part of the Prague Scenography Quadrennial. In Norway, she also took part in staging the closing spectacle of the international event called TheaterTextContext at the BIT.

She has taught at the University of Québec in Abitibi, in the interdisciplinary department of the visual arts, as well as at l’École supérieure de théâtre and Design School of University of Québec in Montréal.

Le Mobile

A woman's body floats alone in the void. Its very weightlessness seems to liberate it from the restraints of gravity, suspended somewhere between life and death. Behind this human mobile stands an immense angular screen that defines the performance space.

Superimposed on the swaying body are images created and projected in real time. Mobile, the most recent work by Montréal multidisciplinary artist Carole Nadeau, invites the viewer to explore a poetic and surreal world. The work questions identity, the power of speech from deep within and our perceptions of reality. It also explores notions about the human body, its limits and its ultimate purpose, which is to say, death.

The motorized staging challenges the traditional codes that condition the audience relationship to the stage, while the live video images created in front of us convey a poetic simplicity. The two elements are woven together in the scripting of this mobile narrative in the thriller genre.

Duration : 1 hour
see interview
Coproduction Le Pont Bridge and Les productions Recto-Verso


Alexandre Cadieux, Le Devoir, November 16, 2010. “Left in suspense”

“The artistic director of Le Pont Bridge finds labyrinths that echo her search for renovating the scenic forms in suspense stories by utilizing a technological bricolage. In Le Mobil, her recent creation, her enthralling writing that intertwines playing with video projections and the sound atmosphere, she reaches an enormous evocative strength which makes words appear almost superfluous.”

“Between the human motivation and the criminal one, between suspense and being suspended, content and form hold a pleasant jigsaw puzzle dialogue. Strange characters with animal heads go through space. Immense eyes scan the small body, prisoner in the air. We suddenly feel like Alice’s companions in the disquieting Wonderland of the unconscious.”

“Locked inside this fascinating kaleidoscope, the web of sensations created by the snarl of scenic language deploys itself with an intense inventive and the manipulation of objects captured by Hudon´s camera produces breathtaking effects.”

Jean Siag – La Presse, November 12, 2010. “Le mobile: between life and death”

“Carole Nadeau, dangling in the air during all the show, proposes an apneic immersion to the depths of a soul traveling between life and death. The effect is surprising.”

Melanie Thibault – MonTé, November 13, 2010 “Between waters” Entre dos aguas”

“A scenic proposal full of discoveries that combine body, space, voice and image. Carole Nadeau, visual artist of Le Pont Bridge for 15 years now, is within the great creators that arrive to the combination of disciplines without loosing the spectator attention. The ambiance is there, moving, in the darkness of coma, in the drama of a wrecked car, in the search of calming landscapes, to submerge afterwards in the remembrance of the accident, the bodies clinging to the impossible, lost…”

Alain-Martín Richard, revue Inter., Art Actuel, no. 106, Autumn 2010

“The game fluctuates from illusion, symbolic and surrealist images, the tangible structure of the staging, the mobile to the visible backdrops, and then the discourse makes sense, it materializes in a magnificent poetic painting built live by Louis Hudon, the scenographer. Starting with a model and a multifunctional carriage, he builds the décor in real time, wonderfully empowering the narrative.”


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